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Clarice kavanaugh, ph.d,mbA
strategic business coach
Professional Development  
career coach

motivational speaker

As an experienced influencer, Clarice birthed a career change and stepped into her destiny as a change maker. Exiting the Corporate world to a classroom setting, as a Ph.D. professor, Executive Coach, Equity and Inclusion Specialist, and Motivational Speaker. Clarice learned the ability to change the perspective of her audience through engagement and classroom synergy.  

Equipped with more than thirty years of experience in sales, training, and marketing, she learned the benefits of human connection. Her magical abilities to connect clients, staff, or students, whether in a corporate or classroom setting led to improved employee/student engagement outcomes. Just a thought: “Whether in a corporate or classroom setting, Clarice uses her magical facilitation and communication abilities to connect clients, staff, and students in meaningful engagement that leads to improved outcomes.”

Since 1980, her career in sales led to the choice of facilitating classroom offerings with a concentration of Organizational Leadership, Professional Development, Advance Coaching, and Industrial Organization.

Since 1980, her career in sales served as preparation for a new calling that led to classroom facilitation with a concentration in organizational leadership, professional development, advanced coaching, and industrial organization.  Clarice is often sought after by renowned organizations, both private and nonprofit, to conduct workshops as a facilitator specializing in diversity and inclusion, racial inequity, conflict resolutions, management, communication skills, and team building.   

Clarice promotes and fosters individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programs in support of the organization’s employee, executive leadership team, supervisors’ training, and development, partnerships, and organizational enrichment, ensuring next-level results.

Her passion is in the development of people and taking them to the next level of their career, as well as organizational success. Combining her business analytics and strategic abilities, she continues to demonstrate that success is her guiding principle. 

Clarice focuses on both teaching and coaching modality techniques, which includes a pragmatic approach to personal accountability, that generates intellectual stimulation, this method invokes clarity of learning materials and Interpersonal rapport, which increases awareness, engagement, and motivation.  The goal is to foster independent thinking, acceptance, and willingness to apply the material.

Through her lived experiences and her ability to connect with her audience, Clarice’s training workshops provide a refreshing, transparent approach to adult learning; her enriched ability to reach her audiences with the true understanding that focuses on a refreshing, transparent make sense approach.

Clarice fosters an enjoyable facilitation environment through effective communications strategies that develop independent thinking, self-awareness, and willingness to apply these skills in personal growth.  She helps adult learners to have a meaningful experience that her coaching and workshops can be applied to real-life situations.

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