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When Black folk say people are racist ...for centuries, decades, weeks, months, TODAY,

understand, it was never our imagination. To make everyone comfortable racist antics were dismissed as, the person didn’t mean it that way, lack of communication, etc. For years I experienced racism in the workplace, the only thing that saved me, I reported it and it was dealt with quickly. I was blessed to work for a company that did something if you said something. I know everyone is not as lucky.

I had white managers that were great and white managers that were 100% racist. The old practice was to promote them to their next level of incompetence, then people started to get fired.

The issue was most people (Black)were afraid to speak up and were only subjected to more abuse.

I always tell people to document and report, however, the fear of retaliation more than likely to precedence. I still have lifelong friends from that company. I still have friends that I worked with I that company, I know we genuinely love, respect and support each other. I realize that everyone’s experience is different. Most don't get to ride happily off into the sunset without tons of resentment.

This is my call to action is for ALL people in leadership position in corporate America, public sectors, nonprofits, examine your corporate culture, your teams. We are taking temperatures for COVID-19, be a forward thinker and take unconscious bias temperatures. You more than likely know the people within your organization that are guilty of so many little things that demonstrate they are not good corporate citizens.

This is not a time to hide in the shadows. It is a time to examine your corporate culture. Every organization wants to maximize your precious resources, that you invested in. You expect your human capital to exemplify good corporate citizenship. While doing this, examine your leadership team, closely, you want your precious resources, your human capital to be great corporate citizens. can your organization, your leadership team meet the standards that is expected of being good corporate citizens? And if not. Who are they hiring? Are they hiding their unconscious bias in their carefully selected inclusion checklist, that isn’t really inclusion or diversity driven, and by doing so the best candidate is not the best fit for the job, due to lack of experience?

And if you cannot answer why there are not any African Americans in your company, department or team, then what is the plan of action. The plan of non-action is not an option.

The world, your stakeholders are anxiously waiting and watching for not only answers, but most importantly the results! Step into a changemaker role the results will be priceless.

Dr. Clarice

The Kavanaugh Group, LLC

Rejuvenate Elevate Rebuild

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